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Be Beautiful. Be Interesting. Be You.

The essence of being pretty isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being and feeling our most beautiful inside. Traveling to that Zen place of acceptance and inner harmony – The secret of doing that is to accept our imperfections. I prefer to think of them as character elements that make us interesting.

Today, we have more options than ever: We can go from looking casual to looking glamorous, from looking sophisticated to looking outrageous, from fitting in to making a statement. Beauty and style isn’t the only domain to define ourselves – Our splendor should radiant the truth of who we are. Instead of feeling inadequate “I have to live up to the standards of society” – See yourself as a creator of your beauty. The divine lies within us all – Give birth to the beauty within.

Be Beautiful. Be Interesting. Be You.


Disclaimer: The cover is a mock creation of Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya. Vogue Africa does not currently exist.


Until the next time – I adore you for reading my blog,

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