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Baby’s First Walking Shoes are Bronzed – I was here.


Pictured are my first pair of shoes. My Dad couldn’t understand why I was growing so fast. So, he came up with a bright idea. He decided to cut an opening at the front of my shoes to extend the life.  After that, I got ‘mad’ wear out of the shoes.  Now you understand why (see previous post) it is not uncommon for me to walk around with ‘openings’ in my shoes for the necessary ventilation. No one likes stinky feet. Word.

What is even more interesting are the imprints that are left behind that subliminally become apart of our DNA – the fabric of our existence. Like, bronze statues that leave a marker of significance of an important point in time.

My Grandmother was ridiculed for getting my holey shoes bronzed. However, she drown out the chatter and went forth to persevere a generation of time. I wonder how many people of significance were unpopular in their day.

Thank you Grandma, I was here. Even if I am still wearing shoes with holes.

Until the next time – I adore you for reading my blog,


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