President-Elect Barack Obama has Mad Swagger.

Monday, 10 November 2008, I watched President-Elect Barack Obama visit the Oval Office for the very first time. The White House visit is part political ritual, part practical introduction and a striking symbol of the historic transfer of power to come.


Did you see President-Elect Barack Obama walk along the Rose Garden? I had a smile on my face, in awe watching him walk along the Colonnade and into the Oval Office. In a bit of pageantry for the cameras, the president and president-elect walked along the Colonnade and into the Oval Office. Accustomed to the protocol, Bush waved at the crowd before Obama followed suit. I noticed the subtle uneasiness when Barack had to guess what to do. Why didn’t any of his staff brief him on the protocol? The two stopped for a moment to greet spectators before walking into the Oval Office, Obama’s first visit to that storied room.


Look at President-Elect Obama with his swagger…It is a sheer delight to see. I know our brothers watching this will walk a little taller.


An open letter to the staff around President-Elect Obama: Please brief him on the Presidential etiquette from here on out so he doesn’t have to guess on what to do..Geez…Thank You.


For those of you who are reading this let me break it down….”Mad Swagger” is a colloquialism (not slang), I find it to be appropriate here for the ordinary, familiar or informal conversation…. Swagger: To walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence Mad: To an extreme degree.

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One thought on “President-Elect Barack Obama has Mad Swagger.

  1. diane says:

    just stumbled across this…..i love this clip….everybody was talking about THAT walk.

    I did not see the hesitation you are talking about regarding the wave…something that minor would not trip this brother up.


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